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Your Mortgage, Your Way!

It’s more than a mortgage, it‘s part of your financial worth. Along with a Mortgage Planning specialist, we oversee your mortgage to ensure that it fits your family’s financial well being.

You are the reason why we are here and our goal is to make sure you get the service and knowledge that you deserve. We don't just fund mortgages: we take the time to make sure your mortgage is right for you! Just tell us what you are looking for and what your goals are and we will make sure that you receive a mortgage that works for you. All of our pre-approvals are done as full mortgage applications so there are no surprises when you find the perfect home.

Why Choose Us. It’s time to take your mortgage to the next level and it’s our job to help you get their. We ensure that each client gets the best service including:

  • Meeting with you on your schedule.
  • Giving you great rates and mortgage options.
  • Taking the time to understand what your goals are.
  • Showing you how to use your mortgage as part of your financial plan.
  • Educating you on how your mortgage works and learn strategies on how to potentially accelerate the payoff of your mortgage.
  • Making sure your mortgage is qualified before you go shopping.
  • Offering advice on the best mortgage options for you.
  • Taking into account your lifestyle and what you can afford.
  • Understanding that it is important that your family is protected if something happens to you.

We care about our clients. Our clients advise we exceed expectations with our customized and exceptional service!

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Trademarks, including Investors Group, are owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations. Investors Group Trust Co. Ltd. is a federally regulated trust company and the mortgagee. Mortgages are offered through I.G. Investment Management, Ltd. Inquiries will be referred to a Mortgage Planning (Agent) Specialist. Borrowing to invest involves risk and may not be suitable in all situations. Speak to an Investors Group Consultant to see if this strategy is suitable for you.

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